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For nearly a century, our Mill has produced a wide range of cooking and baking products, according to the needs of both domestic and foreign marketplaces.

Our creativity stems from our base, which is the rich Thracian land that inspires and helps us infuse our products with a unique quality.


It all began during the 1920s. After leaving his hometown Malgara, in East Thrace, which is a region famous for its flour mills, a merchant and manufacturer known as George Ouzounopoulos settles into Feres, West Thrace. That marks a new beginning, as he creates the most modern mill in the area under the name «G. Ouzounopoulou & Co». Three pairs of millstones were used to grind the wheats during the day, while at night the fuel-based machines behind the process generated electricity.


In the 1930s the Mill expands by merging with a spinning and carding mill, becoming «G. Ouzounopoulou-K. Atzemian» and setting up new facilities in Peplos, Evros area and Ksilagani, Rodopi area. Nowadays the mill building along with the equipment have been granted to Ksilagani’s Cultural Foundation and it houses the Ksilagani Folklore Museum.

As the years went by, it was time for the next generation to come forth. Ioannis G. Ouzounopoulos takes over as manager in 1955. After his marriage to Chrysi Chr. Gargana in 1959, two traditionally involved in the flour mill business families, in Eastern and Western Thrace, come together.

During the 1960s the three partners Ouzounopoulos, Atzemian and Ampatzis buy Kotsonis and Chatzaras Mills, while they make sure they modernize every mill they own, with state of art equipment.


As the 1970s arrive, the Mills turn to exports. The company «Mills of Thrace-I. Ouzounopoulos S.A.» is founded to continue the 60-year-old flour mill legacy. 1077 is the year, the construction of the most modern mill of its era, begins in Alexandroupoli.


Ioannis Ouzounopoulos, a powerful business figure in Thrace’s life and Chairman of Athens’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry(A.C.C.I.) for many years, is elected a member of the Board of the Bank of Greece.

His early demise in 1982, leaves behind a company that is listed among the 50 most profitable companies in the country and top employer of the region, with strong export planning.

At that time, Ochanes Atzemian replaces Ouzounopoulos as company manager and Chrysi Gargana Ouzounopoulos becomes Chairman of the Board.


The 1980s mark a transitional time for the domestic flour industry. Exports decline and new practices are demanded as new consumer and diet needs appear. The company develops the most modern chemistry laboratory in the Greek flour industry and begins to product the groundbreaking deluxe flour line, which places it first among the highest quality Greek flour producers.


As the 1990s come along, the company equipment is once more updated and a marketing policy throughout Greece is developed. The company also obtains its very own facilities in Sindos, a town near Thessaloniki, aiming to create and support a country-wide delivery network.


In 2004 Ouzounopoulos family acquires 92% of the company stocks and Constantina Ouzonopoulos, with a degree in Architecture from the Athens National Technical University and an INSEAD MBA, becomes the new CEO. A completely new management team is formed, orientated towards modern management practices and state of the art programming systems that result in innovative activities and products.



This is the mindset that drives every investment from that time on. Improving the production chain, developing new-generation, high quality and value products, as well as aiming to fulfill both consumers’ and companies’ needs, become the main goals to achieve through three major programs, starting in 2005 and peaking in 2009, when the Mill, fully equipped by BUHLER, reaches today’s modern structure and operation.

In 2012 -2015, the company also implemented a research project entitled, ” DEVELOPMENT OF SOFT WHEAT VARIETIES, HIGH NUTRITION AND VALUE ADDED ” under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious GSRT – EYDE-RTDI, in the frame of programme, EP ‘Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship’ (EPAN II) and OP Macedonia-Thrace.


The company aims even further from of high quality flour production and consumption. The goals expand upgrading Greek wheats. In 2010 the company begins an effort to develop the experimental crop of common wheat in Evros. In cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Development of  Dimokritio University of Thrace, they choose certain wheat varieties of high quality and adaptive elements to be cultivated in Thrace. In 2012, 4.500 acres are sown with carefully selected seeds that are quality-wise equivalent to international varieties.


Based on this area’s production, our Mills are creating the all-uses flour since 2012, aiming to cover the consumers’ needs through supermarkets. The one kg packaging with flour derived from Greek wheat, free of any kind of improvement agents, is the most recent product the company has to offer to Greek consumers.