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I. Introduction

The company “THRACE MILLS – I. OZOUNOPOULOS S.A.” respects the privacy of every visitor to our website, as the protection of everyone’s personal data is a matter of major importance for us and unambiguous commitment.

With this statement, we seek to clarify a number of essential issues relating to the personal data of each visitor / user or client, as required by the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Directive (EU) 2016/680.

ΙΙ. What type of information is collected by us?

Through this website we collect information, whichthe user voluntarily makes available to the company when they choose to contact us through the website’s contact form. These are: Name, Postal address, Contact number and E-mail address.

Concurrently, our website uses “cookies” to identify visitors. Basically, cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s browser and are utilized to facilitate the web page’s operation and ease the user’s access to it. Cookies are capable of recognizing the browser, but they are stored only when the user accepts them in the process of entering the website.

Finally, in the context of our cooperation with our customers, we collect all necessary pricing data, such as Tax Registration Number and Tax Office, but the processing of these data is based on the agreement between us. You will not need to divulge this information to usthrough this website.

ΙΙΙ. Who collects your information, why and how?

All the above personal data are collected and processed by our company, “THRACE MILLS – I. OUZOUNOPOULOS SA”, which is headquartered in Alexandroupolis and operates in producing, packaging, marketing and distributing of flour and wheat’s by-products.

Through our website we collect and process your personal data only for restricted purposes in regard to your service. Specifically, we collect only the necessary information in order to contact you and answer your questions or requests. We are very interested in your opinion, because we aim at our development and the improvement of our products, and for this reason we provide each visitor with the opportunity to send us questions or comments.

In any case, we avoid collecting sensitive (special) personal data and we restrict ourselves to these data which are essential for our communication.

Also, your personal data isn’t sold, distributed orrevealed. It is possible for your information to be provided to third parties, but only when it is necessary for a better service to you and always with strict contractual obligations of confidentiality.

Our company handles your personal data as we do our best to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, loss, misuse or disclosure. Your data is encrypted and rendered anonymous wherever possible, while we constantly update and control our security technology and information systems. Access to them is only allowed to specific employees of the company who are properly trained to protect your personal data.

The personal data that our company collects will be provided to government authorities, government agencies or other competent authorities only when our obligation arises by law and due to our mandatory compliance with the national or European law.

ΙV. How long we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data as long as our cooperation or our communication runs.

Furthermore, we have to maintain our customer or supplier personal data for fifteen (15) years in order to be consistent with any tax liability.

We safely delete your personal data, when there is no longer any special reason to keep it.

V. Your rights

The right to be informed, to access, to rectification: You have the rightto be informed of what data is being collected and how it’s being used. Moreover, if you want, you can correct or update them. For this purpose you can contact us.

The right to erasure (also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’): You can request that we erase their data in certain circumstances. If the collected date aren’t necessary we will erasure or destroy them. For this purpose you can contact us.

The right to restrict processing or to object: In certain circumstances you can request we limit the way we use your personal data or you can object to the processing of your personal data

The right to data portability: Your personal data is portable. You are permitted to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across different services.

The right to ask the supervisory authority. You can make a complaint to Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA), if you believe that we don’t protect your personal data.

VI. Transfer of data to third countries

We don’t transfer your personal data to third countries.

VII. Contact us

You can contact us sending a message from this website or to gdpr@thracemills.gr or calling this telephone number: 25510-26259


Please be informed that this Personal Data Protection Notice may change from time to time if it is necessary. Changes will appear here.

This Statement was last updated on 25-05-2018.